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2 Tips For Customer Service On Social Media


You’ve spent time developing your brand on social media, creating content but how do you know you’re reaching your audience? On social media, your fans can instantly give invaluable feedback, and you can resolve problems. Your social media presence is the public face of your brand and everyone is watching. When responding, here are two tips not to forget:

1. Stay On The Platform 

Respond within twenty-four hours. Regardless of negative or positive, you want to address their feedback. One of the worst responses you can have to a question or complaint is to immediately direct the customer to an email submission form. Examples of this response include, “Please visit our website and your ticket will be submitted” or “Please email customer support with your complaint.” Create a system of response. The key is to stay calm, be direct and answer the question or concern with compassion and a willingness to listen.

2. Customer Service Responses

Rejoice that your customer wants to talk to you directly on social media because they want to engage with you. When your fans are positive, engage and share in their excitement.  If the conversation is negative, one of the ways to mitigate risk is to ask your customers to private message you.


When your fans comment on a positive post, you should at least “like” the post. If you take it a step further and leave a comment, not only will that fan notice but others will too. If you have a negative comment, there are many ways to handle it, but typically responding in public if possible is best. You show the community your human side. hairy, abusive …


Best practice for a positive comment on Twitter is to “like”, retweet and respond directly to the fan. For a negative mention, you should refrain from additional mentions. Follow the individual, ask them to privately message you with more information and if needed request their contact information. Don’t forget, if you request contact information then you need to respond in a timely manner.


After creating content it is wonderful to see people “like” and comment even if it’s an emoji! It’s valuable to return to the post and like each comment that you have received. If you are receiving spam comments then remove, block and report because it looks sloppy to other fans. For negative comments follow back, either don’t “like”, hide as spam (if needed), respond in a direct manner and ask them to directly message you.

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