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6 Magic Beans To Grow Your Community

Plant your seed

This was a topic discussed on Talk Social With Wahine Media, a weekly radio segment on The Matt DiGeronimo Show. Listen to the podcast replay here.


Plant your seed everywhere because you never know where it’s going to bloom.

I had the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for engagement at the Social Media Club Hawaii event, “Small Budgets, Big Results.” The focus was to share simple, inexpensive ways to grow your community and what better way than with engagement. The event was an exchange of ideas and here are the nuggets!
Watch the livestream (start at 30:01)

Engagement: a highly efficient way to reach, connect, and create lasting relationships with a targeted audience in an authentic and compelling way. Engagement starts with engaging content, then moves to relationship building and evolves to trust and enthusiastic support (aka a vibrant community).

1.  Are you seeding your logo everywhere?

  • The more you comment on others’ posts, the more your brand is exposed to new audiences
  • A like is nice, but your logo is not seen with a like
  • Leave memorable comments to leave lasting impressions, something more than “nice”
    Share why it was nice, and what your take away was
  • Dedicate time: 15 min in the morning and 15 min right before you leave work

Magic bean: Plant your comment seeds everywhere as you never know where they’ll grow

Magic bean: Plant your comment seeds everywhere as you never know where they’ll grow


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  • HappyHourPal – HI

    Totally agree with this! Thank you Wahine Media for your pro tips. We have already seen an increase in FB page likes since the SMCHI event.

  • Meruschka

    Excellent post! So many magic beans here. So glad that I’ve already being doing most of it, but just motivated to do more!