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Our Story

Like wise women of old who gathered to share their stories around the fire, we sat cross-legged near the bottom boughs, Lychee martini in one hand and eggroll in the other, and shared our vision of what a perfect business would look like. Karen started the conversation with a simple concept and one by one each woman added an another aspect, a tweak, a bolder vision until finally the last drop of inspiration was delivered and we all sat staring as if gobsmacked. Faces glowing not from twinkle lights and alcohol, but from shared delight and revelation, a seed of possibility began to take root. Wahine Media was conceived in love and laughter at a “Girlfriends’ Night Out” Christmas party, and is now one of the largest social media agencies in Hawaii.

Our Why

Celebrating our unique skills as women—our natural ability to socialize and our innate desire to nurture—we set out to create a culture where we would not only nurture and grow others, but grow and stretch ourselves as well. Embracing everything it means to be a woman, our truth was that we wanted to live, work and play by our own rules, which for most of us meant never donning a business suit again. Having removed the barriers in our own lives, we now teach businesses how to remove theirs. We are devoted to coaxing businesses into their awesome!

What We Do

At Wahine Media, we are into the humanization of business, and the world-changing impact social media has in this relationship economy. As strategic consultants, we help changemakers understand the power of social and our implementation teams get their message out to the world. We develop custom training programs, C-Class to large group. The communities that we touch thrive, and we have the KPI’s to prove it! Our clients range from hospitality to healthcare, restaurants to retail, education to startups, nonprofit to HR & staffing, and tourism to tours.

Meet the Wahine

While our social consortium consists of many, yes including Kane, here are the faces you will get to know and adore when we work with you. We are happy and potent contributors working in the spirit of community. Leveraging our intuition, wisdom, resilience, adaptability and compassion, we create places for you to connect, and more, to shine.

Karen Weikert


Karen is our resident storyteller and chief nurturer. She is the keeper of the brand for our clients and, as mama bear, serves as both muse and guide to our content creators, encouraging them to reach for their most powerful and engaging posts, and then delight in the outcomes. A web designer and end-user architect for over 15 years, she knows what customers want and need to love to a brand.

An author, speaker, coach, consultant, radio talk show guest, and instructor at Pacific New Media at UH Manoa, she teaches businesses/nonprofits how to truly inspire. A professional member of the Social Media Club Hawaii, she was voted one of Hawaii`s Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has created her own vibrant audience of over 12,000 #spiritsays followers and fans who read her channeled wisdom daily.

Gwen Woltz


Gwen is a skypuncher! Helping clients to envision their perfect social world, she then maps the quickest and most affordable route to get there. A crackerjack strategist, and one of the leaders of the social media revolution in Hawaii, she has been on the front lines from the beginning and knows what works. She has guided clients from China to Australia through their social media journey—from budget to best practices—as they embraced new ways to connect with their audience.

A fine art, graphic design and marketing background, in 2009 she followed her passion and co-founded Wahine Media. Board President for Social Media Club Hawaii two years running, a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine’s Young Professional of the Year, she was also a speaker for Ignite Honolulu at Punahou. An instructor at Pacific New Media at UH Manoa, she teaches everything from Social Media Ads to Killer Campaigns.

Lara Holt

Social Media Supervisor

Lara came to us as an intern, and is now one of our most valued team members, running customer service teams, and creating some of our most imaginative and “engagement-getting” content.

Growing up all over the world, Lara developed an interest in people and cultures, and got a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Spanish at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia, and a joint Master’s degree in Communications/Business at Hawai′i Pacific University. She has worked at consular offices of the US State Department during crises, as Membership Services Director for the Musicians’ Union during the closure of the 110 year-old Honolulu Symphony, and in Washington DC connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with angel investors. She serves on the Board of Social Media Club Hawaii and did we mention she’s a Spartan?