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Our Story

Like wise women of old who gathered to share their stories around the fire, we sat cross-legged near the bottom boughs, Lychee martini in one hand and eggroll in the other, and shared our vision of what a perfect business would look like. Karen started the conversation with a simple concept and one by one each woman added an another aspect, a tweak, a bolder vision until finally the last drop of inspiration was delivered and we all sat staring as if gobsmacked. Faces glowing not from twinkle lights and alcohol, but from shared delight and revelation, a seed of possibility began to take root. Wahine Media was conceived in love and laughter at a “Girlfriends’ Night Out” Christmas party.

Our Why

Celebrating our unique skills as women—our natural ability to socialize and our innate desire to nurture—we set out to create a culture where we would not only nurture and grow others, but grow and stretch ourselves as well. Embracing everything it means to be a woman, our truth was that we wanted to live, work and play by our own rules which for most of us meant never donning a business suit again. Having removed the barriers in our own lives, we now teach businesses how to remove theirs.

Meet the Wahine

While our social consortium consists of many, the two women below are the co-founders of Wahine Media. We celebrate daily what it means to be female and are happy and potent contributors working in the spirit of community. Leveraging our intuition, wisdom, resilience, adaptability and compassion, we create places for you to connect and, more, to shine.

Karen Weikert


A sculptor and jewelry designer for 20 years, I imagined that my life would always be art and then one day I woke up sick and my world changed forever. Not one to go quietly into the night, I put down the brushes and picked up a mouse, transitioning my passion for art to website design and especially the end-user’s experience. One thing led to another and I found myself leading digital marketing teams, developing and managing large complex websites, and building online communities for both corporate and non-profit clients.

My enthusiasm for anything digital has not waned over the years. I’m a fiend for emerging technologies, jumping in with abandon just like a child digging in her toybox for her favorite ball. In social media, new software launches everyday and it is our job to “play” with those services, determining if any offer value and would streamline the efforts of our clients. Being a social media manager allows me to immerse myself in many corporate cultures and leverage my branding and marketing skills to show best face. More than social as a marketing tool, businesses are surprised at the value they are receiving from two-way conversation and more and more businesses are choosing to embrace the social business model. I love being a part of that movement.

New software launches everyday and it is our job to “play” with those platforms and services, determining if any offer a valuable venue or improved service to streamline the efforts of our clients. It’s a great gig!

Once upon a time I worked for a mom and pop company that decided to close their brick and mortar store and hoist their shingle to an online door instead. I had front row seats as it literally exploded overnight and from then on I was hooked. I believe in the power of the internet, and especially social media as a connector. The internet brought me to my husband (match.com–watch for the blog), keeps me connected to my children and grandchildren, and allows me to forge relationships all over the world. Consciously blending together all the flavors of my life, social media management is my perfect brew.

In short, think big or don’t bother. — P.T. Barnum

Gwen Woltz


I come from a fine art, graphic design and marketing background, but always had a passion for social media. In 2009, I followed my passion and co-founded Wahine Media. I am on the social media front lines for clients daily, and consider myself a little bit of a social media addict.

This year’s Board President for Social Media Club Hawaii, I was also was a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine’s Young Professional of the Year, was a recent speaker for Ignite Honolulu at Punahou School and am an instructor at Pacific New Media Outreach College at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Karen and I were also voted Top 15 Social Media Influencers in Hawaii.

I hope to one day help shape social media education for teens and young children. One day my own daughter will have access to the infinite online world — heck, she already beats my Angry Birds high scores. I would like to be able to equip parents with social knowledge, and the confidence to fearlessly embrace the social world that their children are growing up in.

Mari Smith and Gwen Woltz




In The News

Karen Weikert and Gwen Woltz of Wahine Media Voted Top 15 Social Media Influencers in the State!
“The Social Media Awards honor those who have impacted social media in a significant way for the State of Hawaii. They are considered influencers that have shaped the effective use of these online marketing tools. The ‘Top 15’ are voted in by the public and their peers, showcasing their ability to be the best in the industry.” Quincy Solano, President of Technology News Bytes.
Hawaii Social Media Summit | October 17, 2012

 Pacific Edge Young Professional Finalist 2012


Young Business Professional of the Year Finalist – Gwen Woltz, Wahine Media
“Pacific Edge Magazine today announced the finalists of its second annual Business Achievement Awards after judges reviewed more than 80 nominations from a variety of industries. As a company, we strive to spotlight the most innovative and inspirational professionals and organizations in our community.”
Hawaii’s Pacific Edge Magazine Business Achievement Awards 2012 | May 31, 2012


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