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Project Description

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions, located in Orange, CA, offers a superior line of payroll products and business services including payroll and taxes, human resources and time/labor management services.

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions wanted to:

  • Align their online presence to new brand
  • Increase visibility and opportunity
  • Establish PAYDAY Workforce Solutions as a professional trustworthy business solution
  • Create a password protected client resources section with payroll portal, training videos, forms, and installers and instruction manuals

With newly designed brochure and business cards, PAYDAY asked us to design a website that was mobile that not only showcased their products and services, but that also offered a bit of a smile. Our challenge on this project was moving from concept and to launch in 2 months.  



Web Design | Social

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions

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December 1, 2012

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