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Online Audit

  • Can your customers easily find you online?
  • Who is talking about you, to you?
  • Who influences you and who do you influence?

Not sure where to start or where you stand? Whether you need a comprehensive audit of your online presence, a Search Engine Optimization evaluation or simply a comparison of your competitors, an audit will always help you define goals and optimize your potential.

Web & SEO Audit

A comprehensive look at your web assets (website, social networks, blog), and determine whether you are easy to find, a trusted source for information, whether your brand is relevant to the online community. We offer suggestions to maximize your online search optimization potential.

Social Audit

What’s the state of your social media presence? Are you following best practices and ethical standards? Are you maximizing your content? Are there pukas (holes) in your strategy? Is there buzz around your business? How do your top 5 competitors stack up against you?

We deliver a detailed social presence audit, recommendations on how to immediately improve, and solutions on how to get there.