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Campaigns & Contests

Campaigns and contests are a great way to build your community: grow a fan base, engage an existing one, develop brand advocates, etc. Whether you have a small or large budget, we can help design and execute a social media campaign or contest that is customized to reach a specific target audience and meet specific goals. For any off-page contests or campaigns, we design and install a mobile-friendly web and Facebook App to gather entries and house a submission database. As each campaign is different and customized for every client, prices below are estimates:

On-page giveaways (Facebook): $200 – $300 each (plus ad budget)
Prize giveaway: $500 – $650 (plus ad budget)
Photo contest: $750 – $1000 (plus ad budget)
Large sweepstakes: $1500 – $2500 (plus ad budget)
User generated content (UGC) contest: $2500 – $3500 (plus ad budget)

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