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Social Media Management

Get the maximum out of your social media channels! We’ll manage your social sites to keep your community active and growing — we’ll nurture your online reputation.

Representing you in a positive authentic way, we will share out your brand, listen to and talk with your customers, join industry specific communities and conversations, monitor your reputation and your competition, and actively seek out opportunities for you to shine online. As professional social media managers, we build trust and create contagious enthusiasm for your brand.

Let us be your implementation team and start your social media experience today!

Get Your Feet Wet

Starter Plan
$950 – $1250 per month
$600 set-up fee*
3 month minimum

Perfect for the start-up! This package is great for new start-ups and businesses with small marketing budgets – it gets your feet wet. It allows you to jump into the pool of social media — lets your audience find you.

Spread Your Wings

Business Booster Plan
$1350 – $1650 per month
$600 set-up fee*
6 month minimum

A step up from the starter package, this gives small business owners the next level of engagement – an actual two-way conversation with the customer. We monitor and listen on your behalf, forwarding “need action” items to you/customer service. This package lets your audience know someone is home and listening.

Build A Community

Pro Business Plan
$1750 – $2550 per month
$750 set-up fee*
6 month minimum

This level creates an active and vibrant social media community and positions you as a thought leader in your field. We not only share out your brand and listen to your customer, but we actively seek out and engage with your community to perpetuate conversations and create brand advocates.

Change The World

Platinum Business Plan
$2650 + per month
$900 set-up fee*
6 month minimum

This comprehensive social media management option is designed for mid-sized corporations and clients with an established, multi-channel social media presence. Our team works closely with your marketing department to implement your social media strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

One Time Set-up Fee

*Before you invite company, we must clean house. All monthly management packages start with a two week set-up that includes: opening and customizing social profiles, adding profile information, installing listening and measuring tools, creating twitter lists, and following/liking influencers and potential customers.