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Social Media Management

Get the maximum out of your social media channels! We’ll manage your social sites to keep your community active and growing—we’ll nurture your online reputation.


Representing you in a positive authentic way, we will share out your brand, listen to and talk with your customers, join industry specific communities and conversations, monitor your reputation and your competition, and actively seek out opportunities for you to shine online. As professional social media managers, we build trust and create contagious enthusiasm for your brand.


Let us be your implementation team and start your social media experience today!

Get Your Feet Wet

Starter Plan

1-2 Social Profiles

$1450 – $1950 per month

$one month set-up fee*

3 month minimum

Perfect for the start-up! This package is great for small businesses with small marketing budgets—it gets your feet wet. It allows you to jump into the pool of social media, lets your audience find you and get acquainted with your brand.

Spread Your Wings

Business Booster Plan

2 Social Profiles

$2050 – $2450 per month

$one month set-up fee*

6 month minimum

A step up from the starter package, this gives small business owners the next level of visibility, your first steps to building relationships, establishing brand voice, and having two-way conversations.

Build A Community

Pro Business Plan

3 Social Profiles

$2550 – $2950 per month

$one month set-up fee*

6 month minimum

This level creates an active and vibrant social media community and positions you as a thought leader in your field. This package perpetuates conversations and creates brand advocates.

Change The World

Platinum Business Plan

4 Social Profiles

$3050 + per month

$one month set-up fee*

12 month minimum

This comprehensive social media management option is designed for clients with an established, multi-channel social media presence. Our team works closely with your marketing department to implement your social media strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

One Time Set-up Fee

*Set-up fee

Includes setting up Google Alerts, Gmail, following relevant influencers and engagers, Twitter lists, Hootsuite, setting up ad account, and analytics reports. Set-up also includes a one-month Shutterstock subscription ($249 built-in cost) service that allows us to start with a photo bank of 750 properly licensed photographs to use for posts to your profiles, blogs, graphics, etc. Unless the client has an extensive photo and/or video bank of social media ready content, this component is required. Subtract $249 from set-up fee if Shutterstock is not used.

Social Ads

**Social Ads

It is no secret that most platforms have migrated towards the “pay to play” model, and we must stay on top of trends in order to succeed. “On page” social ads are required for all of our monthly management packages, and are instrumental in your success. The required budgets will be used to build fans, and keep engagement up on your posts. Should you require “targeted ads” for promotions or sales, a separate monthly package is required (see below). Should you choose any platform below for monthly management, additional ad budgets* are as follows:

































































Under 10K fans: $200 per month

10K – 20K fans: $400 per month

20K – 30K fans: $600 per month


Under 10K fans: $150 per month

10K – 20K fans: $200 per month

20K – 30K fans: $250 per month


Under 10K fans: $100 per month

10K – 20K fans: $150 per month

20K – 30K fans: $200 per month
































































* All ad purchases must be made using an ad account that is connected directly to client credit card. If Wahine Media must make ad purchases through our ad account, a 10% media buy fee applies (maximum $500 per month).

Social Media Management Additions

Social Media Management Additions

Boost your social presence with additions. Because every business is different, all monthly packages have a variety of additional services that are only available with a monthly management package to suit your businesses’ individual needs. Is your business in the service industry? Consider adding customer service. Do you need help properly running an active a robust blog? Consider adding blog support. Are you campaigning to get participation in a contest or event? Consider adding outreach.
































































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