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Social Strategy

You want to participate in social media but where, why and how?

You can jump into social media with both feet, plugging your nose and hoping you don’t swallow water, but isn’t the wiser course to scope out the beach (survey the scene) and take a few lessons (think before jumping)?

Before you invest your time and resources in social media, you want to have a roadmap, a plan that will adapt to change, and grow as you grow.

A social strategy scopes out your competitors; concentrates your mission and messaging, identifies the values and online behaviors of your audience, and creates confidence to build mindshare within your organization. Identifying your community potential, a strategy also defines your goals and outcomes, assets, metrics, tactics, and best social channels for your business.

Is social media the appropriate tool for you? Let’s find out!

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*We offer a significant discount to social media strategy when paired with a 6-month monthly management contract.

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