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Training & Classes

Small Group Training

In small group training your team will learn how to effectively use social media for your business—how to manage privacy, how to start a conversation and the importance of follow-through, and how to build relationships and expand your community. Smiling as they leave, your staff will have the confidence and tools necessary to go forth and be a torchbearer for your company—to do business SOCIALLY. This 3-hour training individualized for your business includes a slideshow, handouts and 30 minute Q&A.

While each training session is customized, we excel in topics such as:
How To Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles
Social Media Management and Measurement Tools
Social Media Monitoring and Listening
Developing Content Calendars
The Art of Language on Social Media
Running Social Media Contests or Promotions
Supporting a Live Event With Social Media
How Non-Profits Can Benefit From Social Media
C-Class Social Media Training 
Facebook For Business 
Facebook Ads
Twitter For Business
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn for Business
Google+ For Business
Pinterest for Business

*Oahu only, off island additional travel fees may apply

Pacific New Media Classes

Looking for a classroom setting? We teach social media classes at Pacific New Media on topics such as:

Facebook for Business
Networking Your Business on Twitter
Overview of Social Media Platforms
Social Media Best Practices
Social Media Management Tools
The Importance of Storytelling on Social Media

Check the calendar of social media classes for the most current class dates.