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Capture the Hearts and Minds of Your Fans: Social Storytelling

There is nothing more captivating than a story well-told, and that’s especially true for social media. Social media has changed how we create and consume our stories. Amid the hustle, bustle and noise, brands are earning the attention of their audience by posting content that tells a story — they make us feel. Read More

How To Make Holiday Campaign Magic On Social

Ho ho ho! As we quickly fall into the Holidays, ‘tis the season of marketing temptation for business. Wanting to boost sales, the go-to solution is to clutter social profiles with the red and green “shop here” and “buy me” pitch. But this year, ‘tis the season to ditch the outdated pitch and nail your Holiday campaigns on social. Read More

Social Media Traffic Jam: A Good Problem To Have

It’s time to rethink SEO. Think of your website as a parked car. It stays in its stall minding its own business, but when someone comes up to tap on the window from Google or your social networks, the high beams light up happy for the attention. It knows visitors convert to subscribers, leads and sales.Read More

Knock Knock… There’s No One Home!

If someone walks into your store, do you run and hide in back room? Hopefully not, so why would you ignore your customers online? Several companies in Hawaii are discovering the PR nightmare of “no one home”. Even if you don’t have a social media presence, people are talking about you online and it’s your job to listen… and respond.Read More